Every Long Journey Begins with a Single Step

Welcome to my “steps” blog, where you’ll get to tag along on my first year of the DEL-MEM (Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management) program. DEL-MEM is a two-year, online masters programs for working environmental professionals, which means I get to work full AND got to school full-time. Wow, I feel tired already! Enter yoga:


My yoga studio has this sign over the door, which I often notice and but quickly forgot. This sign has taken on new meaning to me as I’ve prepared to start the DEL-MEM program. “Every Long Journey Begins with a Single Step.” This is my gentle reminder not to get overwhelmed!

The program doesn’t all happen at once.  It comes in steps. My job it to take one step at a time until I complete this journey…and you’re coming with me!

Let the journey begin!

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