Cascadas de las Animas (Wed., 3/11/09) – Meseta Horseback Ride

Horseback Riding. Is this truly a form of Eco-tourism?

Riding in the Mountains
Riding in the Mountains

Our activity today is Meseta Horseback Riding.

The Cascada De Las Animas has 3000 acres that leads to and incorporates the “meseta” (plateau) which sits over 300 meters above the river valley.  The meseta had beautiful views of the small village of San Alfonso and the surrounding area. Crossing the meseta, we had an opportunity to see the work of the sanctuary reforestation projects where thousands of native and introduced trees were planted.  There were breathtaking views of the Andean geology where the Manzanito cut into the mountains exposing multicolored bands of rock.

The question of the day is, is this truly a form of “eco-tourism?