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The Saturday March
by -- December 12th, 2009

Today, an extremely large group of people marched from downtown Copenhagen to the Bella Center. And by extremely large, I mean more than 60,000 people.

I arrived at the protest two hours in advance and the numbers were already swelling.  Armed with a clipboard and surveys, I felt like the kid in A Christmas Story thanks to my many layers.  I volunteered to help Dana Fisher, an Associate Professor at Columbia, survey protesters along with one of my colleges from Duke and three members of the Yale delegation.  I quickly discovered that convincing people to take a ten-minute survey, in English, and in the cold is not an easy task…especially when people are holding large signs and banners, or dressed in crazy costumes.  However, I managed to get a good number completed and I hope that my other team members were more successful.  It was impossible to find them when the march began, so we pre-planned to reconvene later.

It was a very neat experience to be surrounded by so many people that care about the environment and about our future!  I saw old people, young people, students, and babies in adorable bicycle carts.  There were polar bears, dragons, and pandas.  There were communists, anarchists (note to self: covering your face and wearing black = easy way to get arrested), socialists, capitalists, anti-capitalists, and people that hated globalization.

I was way too cold to walk to the Bella Center by the time that the march actually began, so I headed to the top of a hill to watch the march from above.  The march was very peaceful and very upbeat from my vantage point.  I steered clear of the anarchist group that was running to evade the police because I had the smart idea to wear all black this morning.  But otherwise, it was a great show of support for swift, direct action!

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