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State of play at COP15 – 12/16
by -- December 16th, 2009

According to one source, here is what US negotiators are saying about the state of climate negotiations at COP15:

Negotiations are mostly not progressing.  Major questions remain unanswered including:

  • Do negotiations go forward under two documents?  Kyoto plus some new agreement, or does Kyoto get merged into one new treaty?
  • Will there be binding commitments by developing countries?
  • What is the amount of adaptation aid to developing countries?
 One major hang-up is the lack of an agreed-upon process to move forward.
There is a text that has been circulated by the chair of the COP, but the US has several problems with its current form.  These include:
  • Text reads mostly like a reworking of the Kyoto Protocol:  The approach is to use top down targets rather than a ‘bottom-up’ approach relying upon individual country circumstance; developing country requirements are weak.
  • US wants to have flexibility for itself, as it works on passing climate legislations domestically.  US also wants flexibility for others who may not yet be ready to make a firm commitment.
  • At the same time, US negotiators are optimistic.  One reason is the large number of heads of state who will be attending (~130) – most of whom do not wish to go back to their constituencies empty-handed.

1 Comment

  1. Jamie Harkins
    Dec 16, 2009

    So excited you’re over there…this is definitely what I’ve been reading as well…be sure to keep us updated if you hear anything else from your “source”!!!!

    Miss ya!

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