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by -- December 14th, 2009

Latest on REDD negotiations in Copenhagen

Sunday was Forest Day in Copenhagen.  Coming into the meeting, ambitions were high for an agreement on REDD and as we wind into the final 100 hours it seems more likely that some agreement will be had.  See my earlier post on REDD on areas of general agreement and key negotiating points.  Negotiators appear to be largely in agreement that REDD will be “REDD+” include all changes in forest stocks (deforestation, degradation, forest management, and possibly afforestation/reforestation), that a fund collected from developed countries will be established to finance REDD+ capacity-building, that safeguards will be put in place for environmental, governance, and social protections, and that there will be a phased approach moving from 1.Capacity building and Planning to 2.Implementation, to 3.Payment for Real Reductions.  The main issues still to work out in negotiations are: (1) the role of carbon markets in Phase 3 emission reduction financing, (2) the role of sub-national and project-level approaches in the interim period before national account.  The last two issues seem to be an attempt to link the UNFCCC approach to the REDD provisions put forth in the Kerry-Boxer U.S. climate legislation.

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  1. Prasad Kasibhatla
    Dec 14, 2009

    COP15 website is reporting a roadblock in REDD negotations

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