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Moving on After Denmark’s Organizational Failure
by -- December 14th, 2009

After spending hours waiting in line to get registered, the chaos in front of the Bella Center finally overwhelmed us and we gave up. Here’s me trying to find meaning in the frosty lining of chaos.

So far, yes, the talks have collapsed in Copenhagen. But only in the sense that my feet are frozen and Denmark has lowered the bar for organizational capabilities. I think concerns about South Africa organizing the World Cup will subside after this mess.

I won’t go into too much detail, but just imagine all the textbook mistakes an organizer could make for a conference, and then add the cold. Well done Denmark. The rumor going around is that UN’s official accreditation system fell apart.

The good thing that came out of this organizational failure is that people’s attitudes may have become action-oriented. There’s nothing like freezing in line for hours to make you reevaluate things. There we were, thousands of people, having traveled for miles and hours from around the world, just to meet each other. So why not just meet in line? Maybe we should have, but so it goes.

Alright, off to a side event. I think we’ll get in. Optimism shall once more reign amongst us enviros. Wish us luck.

-Reporting Live, from somewhere in Copenhagen…


  1. tlee
    Dec 14, 2009

    Thanks for the inside reporting! This is interesting stuff. Is it organizational failure as a result of the protests or is it something else? Or perhaps it’s not entirely clear yet. Just curious.

    • Tali
      Dec 14, 2009

      Thank you for your interest.
      I can only give you info based on rumors from the outside, but the story kept being about a broken UN accreditation machine. I doubt this has anything to do with the protests, and as for being unprepared, Denmark was always going to face an unprecedented challenge in trying to pull the conference together. I heard today that with 100+ leaders attending the conference later in the week, this will be the largest meeting of world leaders ever, considering they’re all staying in town for the night at least, as opposed to the usual pop-in, pop-out visits to UN HQ in New York.

      • Barbara
        Dec 18, 2009

        Just wondering if they’re dumbing down the carbon emissions reductions goals to get China, Australia & the U.S. on board. Also, are they using 1990’s emissions levels as a basis for carbon reductions/ 2005 emissions levels.
        I wish I could have been there to demonstrate in the streets. This is THE event of the century. I just hope they come to an agreement that is truly meaningful.

        • Frank Burdett
          Dec 19, 2009

          All the politicians should have stayed home! The world leaders? What a joke! There are a few, but same old same . . . greed reared it’s ugly head again, and again, and again!

          Oh! We can come back next year for a re-run! No thanks!

          What can we do?
          Ignore ALL the politicians for a start!

          We need a symposium so, that scientists can define what a scientist is and what it means to you, me and anyone who cares!

          GREEN WITH ENVY!

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