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How Many College Students Does it Take to Change a Danish Fuse?
by -- December 12th, 2009

Two, with help from three others.

Last night we had an unfortunate incident at the student flat involving a blown fuse.  The four of us were way too jet lagged and too tired to figure out how to fix it, so after flipping the breakers a few times we decided to go to bed instead.  Fast forward today when it started to get dark in the afternoon (we are in northern Europe, after all) – it was time to figure out this problem because half of our flat lacked power.  After soliciting input from the rest of the group, I determined that the fuse box could be removed by using a spoon handle.  Luckily Shana was watching to stop me from using the same metal tool to mess with the mechanics inside of the box (hey, I’m still jet lagged!).  I found my headlamp and we killed the power.  I also discovered that our landlords kindly left us a few spare fuses, we figured out how to remove the box in question, changed the fuse, and we were back in business.  I honestly think that we could graduate to Danish electrician apprentices after this experience…I mean, it took two days.

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