Good COP, Bad COP

Copenhagen Day 1
by -- December 7th, 2009

COP 15 is underway.

A few key questions will be at the heart of many of the conversations between diplomats: which countries bear responsibility for addressing climate change, how should the countries verify emissions reductions, and which countries should pay for the reductions.  Here are some quick resources to help evaluate the negotiations and judge the progress:

The New York Times’ web site has some useful interactive graphs on greenhouse gas emissions, both current and historical.

The World Resources Institute has a nice chart comparing the climate change strategies of five major developing countries — India, Brazil, China, Mexico, and South Africa. The rows summarizing the proposed mitigation interventions and WRI’s observations shed light on the interests and negotiating positions of the countries.

For a brief overview of the positions of a larger number of key countries, see The Guardian’s Copenhagen conference: The countries to watch.

On a different note, COP 15 organizers have provided a visual to help answer the question of just how large a ton of CO2 is:

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  1. Prasad Kasibhatla
    Dec 7, 2009

    For those of you who are (American) football fans, that’s a sphere with a diameter of approximately 10 yards (first down yardage!). And the big news back here in the US is that the EPA issued its final greenhouse gas endangerment finding today.

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