Good COP, Bad COP

Behind Closed Doors
by -- December 13th, 2009

Interesting links to get an inside and user-friendly look at what goes on behind the scenes.


Unfortunately, the majority of the groundbreaking negotiations will take place behind closed doors in Copenhagen.  However, thanks to an interview on NPR, I discovered a really neat website that tracks negotiators from several countries: Adopt a Negotiator.

Another interesting web discovery today is the Climate Scoreboard.  This website includes a user-friendly, interactive thermometer graphic to track the estimated temperature increase by 2010 with respect to the most recent climate negotiation draft proposal, business as usual scenario (BAU), and target level.  Currently, the Climate Scoreboard estimates a temperature increase of 4.8°C by 2100 under BAU, 3.9°C under the draft proposal released this past Friday, and a 1.5°C increase if we are able to surmount the immense collective action problem of coordinating an agreement and actually implementing it in a way that matches scientific targets.

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