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A Silent Thanks
by Jennifer Weiss -- November 26th, 2012

As I sat on a rock in a nearby park with my face held up to the sun’s rays, I felt happy.  I was alone with my thoughts on a beautiful pre-Thanksgiving day.  Or at least as alone as I could be with my two daughters playing in the creek nearby.

As I listened to their gleeful chatter and watched as they bounded from rock to rock, I closed my eyes and smiled. With a quiet breeze blowing and the sun gently warming me, I gave thanks for my two beautiful girls and the beauty that was all around me.  I gave thanks for the wonderful life that I had been given and thanks for the people I got to share it with.  I gave thanks just to “Be.”

Suddenly, I had the feeling that I was not alone on my rock in the middle of the woods.  I opened my eyes and looked around.  My daughters were still there laughing and playing, but they were a few hundred feet down the creek.  As my eyes took in my surroundings, I couldn’t see anyone else there with me until I glanced down at the rock I was sitting on.  There, right beside me, was a Daddy Long Legs stretching out his legs and tentatively inching closer to me.  I watched him for a few minutes and then, just as he was getting close enough to touch me, he stopped.  As I quietly watched, he stopped moving and sat on the rock next to me, taking in the silence.

I’m not sure how long the two of us sat on the rock together, silently thankful for our lives as the afternoon sun warmed us.  It felt peaceful as both of us gave our own unique thanks for the beautiful world we live in.  Both of us were taking time out of our busy lives to enjoy the quiet peace of the day. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the company.

As the voices of my daughters got closer, I opened my eyes and looked down again.  My friend had moved on.  He had continued on his journey just as I would be continuing on mine.  For me, the next month will be filled with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But, for a brief moment in time, I am thankful I got to share the quiet and the beauty of the woods with a silent stranger.

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