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Energy Foundation–Tuesday, March 10, 2009
by -- March 10th, 2009

Our last visit on Tuesday, March 10, was to Energy Foundation, a partnership of major donors interested in solving the world’s energy problems.  (  Their stated mission is the advancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Energy Foundation presentation was delivered by Sue AnderBois, Rachel Golden, Kimberly Williams and Erin Colling.  They gave an overview of the work and mission of Energy Foundation, discussed their own specific roles and projects, and fielded questions asked by the students.

Discussions covered EF’s campaign in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as their transportation, buildings and climate program that works to set a federal cap on emissions. Within the buildings program discussion, we learned of EF’s expanding work in retro-fitting existing buildings.  Much of their work is directed toward passage of a federal renewable energy standard (RES).

We also briefly discussed their sister companies—including companies in Europe and Beijing.

Rachel Golden noted, in particular, the coal resistance program.  Since 2005, Energy Foundation has successfully defeated the operation of 59 coal plants in the U.S., an amount equivalent to the emissions of more than 30 million cars.  A major focus of Energy Foundation is halting and preventing of the construction of coal plants in the U.S.

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