Clean Energy in California

Day three: Clean Power Finance, wind farm and vineyard
by -- March 21st, 2014

Day three: Clean Power Finance, wind farm and vineyard

On the third day, there were no presentations in the hotel. All on our agenda are company visits.

Clean Power Finance

Want to install solar panels, but cannot afford upfront cost and don’t want to spend time on maintenance? Go to Clean Power Finance to lease solar equipment. All you have to do after signing a leasing contract is to pay a monthly rent. Of course, you can also choose prepay. And after several years, you, as homeowner, can either purchase the ownership of the solar panels or remove them.

Devon Treece, product manager of Clean Power Finance, said currently more than 360,000 homes in the United States have solar and the industry grew 20 percent in 2013, compared with 1.9 percent of the U.S. economy. Devon believed it would continue to grow in the coming years due to low penetration (the finance part), which is only 1 percent. Check out the company’s website for more details You can also visit companies with similar products include SunRun and SolarCity

Wind farm

Many of my classmates believed our visit to Nextera Energy Resources’ wind farm in Solano’s Birds Landing community was one of the most interesting.

The largest generator of wind and solar power in North America, Nextera has a diversified portfolio, which includes wind, natural gas, nuclear, oil and solar.

It was fascinating to take a “class” on turbines on a wind farm, to see turbines in person and even go inside it. Our “tour guide” Emre Ergas said on this wind farm alone, there are 90 turbines, with an installed capacity of 162 megawatts. Up to 80 percent of wind in California is in Mid-September and wind is stronger at night time. Emre also talked about Nextera’s customers, the influence of cash grants and tax credits, and all sorts of rights involved to build a wind farm.

After “class”, it’s picture time! Only three of us had been to a wind farm before, so everyone was so excited to see real turbines.

Nextear-wind farm5

Nextera-wind farm6

Nextera-wind farm2

Nextera-wind farm4

Nextera-wind farm6



Our last stop of the day was Domaine Chandon and Newton Vineyard in Napa. Before I went there, I was really hard for me to connect energy to a vineyard. In fact, energy efficiency is getting into the wine industry from lighting and soil management, to water conservation and cork recycling.






Cork tree

Cork tree.


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