Clean Energy in California

Day 3: One Sun with Paul Hawken
by -- April 14th, 2012

Our last stop on day 3 was at Paul Hawken’s office, where he and some dedicated colleagues are developing a new business venture: OneSun, LLC. OneSun is a solar thin film manufacturer that is on the brink of releasing a unique new product that could revolutionize solar energy as we know it. This thin film “panel” is water-proof, 90% recycled and 100% recyclable, it can be installed completely flat (as opposed to tilted to face the sun), it can make energy from any kind of light, including moonlight, and a 75W panel only weighs 3 pounds. Sound too good to be true?

Maybe, but Paul had some very good points about the inadequacies of current solar technologies, and I give him kudos for developing a product that strives to overcome them. Specifically, OneSun set out to achieve grid parity, create a product that could be exposed to the elements, operate in low-light situations, and not be made out of toxic chemicals. Based on the prototype in Paul’s conference room, it looks like they’ve done just that. I can’t wait to see what happens when it hits the market!

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