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Reflections from the Forest

When forests cover the landscape, they increase the absorption of incoming sunlight

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Chromium and the Myth of Tolerable Exposure

The “zero tolerance” approach for contaminants can be seen in regulations which state that the concentrations of several known carcinogenic contaminants in drinking water should be zero.

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Can We Outrun the Rising Tide?

More rational coastal zone planning could save vacation home owners a lot of money and save fishermen a livelihood.   

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Geoengineering our Climate

Geoengineering climate garners support among those who have abandoned all hope that we will ever cut our emissions of “greenhouse” gases from fossil fuel combustion.

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Water Use

Throughout human history, the availability of water has determined patterns of human settlements and the success of human endeavor. 

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Seven documented reasons why YOU should care about climate change

Most people don’t think climate change will matter to them.

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SOS: Sucking Oxygen out of the Sea

About half of the world’s photosynthesis, known as net primary production, occurs in the sea.  

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