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Hydrofluorocarbons—yet another greenhouse gas

The countries of the world agreed to limit HFC emissions over the next 30 years, making a huge contribution to the eventual success of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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What Happens When the Lights Go Off

Some…..claim that…,,the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) increases the cost of electricity and kills economic growth.

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Not the Time to Get Bogged Down

When the arctic is melting rapidly, this is no time to get bogged down in conservative rhetoric. 

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Peer Review

Scientists must speak out forcefully when they see the policy process subverted by what they know is untrue, even if it has found its way into print.   

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Evaporation from the Golden State

The real impact of global warming may be what it does to evaporation rates from the land surface.

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Oh Tannenbaum

Buy a live Christmas tree and plant it in the early spring when it can resume its role to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Powering the Campus

A solar-powered campus would light the way for bright young minds of the next generation.

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