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The race north

The future distribution of trees is of more than passing interest to a few weekend naturalists.

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Pesticide Déjà-Vu

As the evidence against neonicotinoids rolls in, we will face another challenge between corporate deep pockets and what is good for the natural world.   

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Why Species Matter

Conserving diversity ensures a more productive and stable set of ecosystems on which humans depend.  

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Casting your last environmental footprint

If you want to leave a big carbon footprint on the atmosphere, choose cremation in an electric furnace.

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There is no credible evidence that chemtrails exist.

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Natural Climate Solutions

Enhancement of natural carbon sinks would allow a more orderly withdrawal of fossil fuels from our economy during the next several decades.

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Clearcutting the Oceans

The controversial Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Refuge is an attempt to maintain some shelter for endangered marine organisms.

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