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The Hockey Games

The disruption of thoughtful evaluations of Earth’s past temperature by those who deny climate change serves no useful purpose

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Oxygen in the atmosphere

I am not at all worried about the world running out of oxygen anytime soon.

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What makes a healthy stream?

A river is a reflection of the watershed it drains

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Natural Gas or Coal: It’s all about the leak rate.

Environmental advocates face a dilemma with respect to natural gas

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Blood-sucking insects and ticks, Oh my

Tropical mosquitoes that carry these diseases are expanding northward in the United States and elsewhere.

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Size Matters

The most efficient way to preserve biodiversity in North America will be to insure the preservation of large tracts of habitat

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Wildlife is where you find it

Recently, I was in New York City on a warm spring day, hustling with the multitudes down Park Avenue in Midtown along the concrete walks that pass by J.P. Morgan-Chase, Deutsch Bank, and other giants of the financial world.  Waiting for the crossing light at 48th street, I noted an attractive young woman on the opposite corner who was staring intently at a sign post.  Not the sign, but the sign post.   Now, I always seem to see strange things in New York, but fascination with a sign post was not yet on my list. When the light indicated that […]

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