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A Vibram Sole on Nature

The rapidly growing human population and its global economy are not likely to improve matters for the rest of the biosphere.

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Preparing for a Drought-prone World

Future drought is likely to have major effects on natural landscapes and the plants that inhabit them.

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Groundwater Dynamics

The mean age of groundwater is about 1000 years, which is why it is so difficult to remediate groundwater pollution.

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Better Living Through Chemistry

One might hope that we could require chemical manufacturers to show that a product is safe before it is sold.

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Hypoxia is one of the side-effects of modern agronomic systems which strive to feed 7 billion of us with a nutritious diet.

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Lithium: It’s not just for bad moods anymore

Are lithium resources in short supply?

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Warming the Gulf of Maine

the oceans’ waters have warmed up over the past few decades.

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