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SOS: Sucking Oxygen out of the Sea

About half of the world’s photosynthesis, known as net primary production, occurs in the sea.  

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Trees and Air Pollution

No doubt…trees provide a net positive benefit to the environment.

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Perhaps the Trumpsters can understand simple logic

As it gets harder for anyone to believe that the global climate is not changing, the argument seems to be shifting to whether or not the changes are caused by humans.  For this, I remember the concept of a syllogism from my sophomore class in philosophy.  Herein, some logic:             Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere warms the Earth.              Humans emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.               Humans are warming the Earth.

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Regulation–a new dirty word

The White House has decreed that for every new regulation enacted, two existing regulations must be nullified.  Regulatory overseers are now assigned to every Federal agency that might consider adding a new regulation. What a mindless way to ensure the health and safety of society.   Let’s consider the environment.  Lead was once widely used in paints and gasoline, until physicians began to notice widespread lead poisoning, especially in urban children. Then, the use of lead in these products was regulated, and the concentrations of lead in childrens’ blood samples dropped significantly, lowering the risk for poor cognitive development. Similarly, […]

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We are keepers of the biosphere, and our judgment day will assess how well we did.

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I cannot help but think that, like humans, birds are happier when they are well fed. 

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When Science Informed Policy

Speaking against the alternative facts of the contrarians has now reduced scientists to the status of a special-interest group.

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