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On the ethics of driving species extinct

When it comes to human mastery of nature, who makes the decision about which species go extinct and which persist?

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The artistic record of nature

Science and art leave a record of environmental condition, as it affects the human perception of environmental conditions. 

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With the ongoing changes in global climate, will species move fast enough to keep up with favorable habitats

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Whatever happened to peak oil?

The challenge of dealing with declining oil production will define the world we live in.

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Do Species Matter?

An increasing body of scientific work suggests that a diverse world—what biologists call high biodiversity—is a healthier world

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What Ever Happened to Acid Rain?

A cap-and-trade program was put into effect by President George H.W. Bush to curtail SO2 emissions from power plants.

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Forecasting Disasters

Ecologists have a message: focus on variation as a means for forecasting impending disaster.

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