Author: Anastasia Quintana

Anastasia Quintana | February 15, 2017
marine studies, students, sustainability

Who is Linda Behnken?

Linda Behnken says, “Small-scale fishermen are tremendously strong voices for sustainable fisheries. They’re people who care about having healthy oceans and productive fisheries to pass on to the next generation…And when people from rural communities lose access, they lose a way of life, they lose self esteem.”

Anastasia Quintana | September 26, 2016
climate, conservation, MSC, students, sustainability

Back to School Eco Tips

It’s a new school year! Take this chance to make some sustainability goals: commute by bike, rent that iPad from Duke, and bring your own mug to coffee hour. See below for more tips and resources on how to “green” your school year!

Anastasia Quintana | October 26, 2015
climate, conservation, environmental economics, environmental policy, students, sustainability, water

Are almonds to blame for California’s drought?

You may have heard that California is in a drought, inspiring tongue-in-cheek articles like these: (“NASA finds evidence of water on surface of California”) and (NASA finds that California has one year ofContinue reading