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Exploring Maryland’s Working Waterfronts

I met the end of Maryland’s hot summer weather with a smile and journey to the eastern shore. […]

Transitions and Tribulations

Interviews, resume-writing, travel, and presentations slowly infiltrated my life this summer – so mu […]

Repairing Bomas

The dark green Suzuki that everyone refers to as ‘hedgehog car’ quivers to a stop on the grass besid […]


“Hey. Olaado. Do you see one?” The sergeant looks at me expectantly. I know I should, since he’s ask […]

New Adventures

Taking pictures across America

In which I take an epic journey to my new job/town/coast.

Transitional Roller Coaster

Well, my bags are packed.  A well-used backpack and a dingy surplus duffle with the cryptic name ‘Ch […]

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