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An Immersion Education of the Oil and Gas Industry


This year, instead of heading to east to the coast, or west to the Blue Ridge highway for my fall break, I flew to Houston to participate in the Hydrocarbons field trip led by Professor Lincoln Pratson. Instead of being surrounded by wilderness, I was deep within the concrete jungle and engineering marvel that is the oil and natural gas industry.

Boma Construction: Behind the Scenes

As I write (in my notebook, later to be transcribed to computer), I am sitting in the shade of a sma […]

Dr. Banzhaf speaks on Environmental Economics and Christian Ethics


First of all, thank you to Dr. H. Spencer Banzhaf for coming back to your alma-mater to highlight an important intersection between Environmental Economics and Christian Ethics.

Exploring Maryland’s Working Waterfronts

I met the end of Maryland’s hot summer weather with a smile and journey to the eastern shore. […]

Transitions and Tribulations

Interviews, resume-writing, travel, and presentations slowly infiltrated my life this summer – so mu […]

Repairing Bomas

The dark green Suzuki that everyone refers to as ‘hedgehog car’ quivers to a stop on the grass besid […]

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