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Duke Environment Ambassadors

Being Nicholas School students means we’re passionate about the environment. Whether PhDs, MEMs, or undergraduates, the Duke Environment Ambassadors take that passion and translate it into words, photos and videos. Our team works together and individually to open a window on the Nicholas School and the environmental world.

Meet the Duke Environment Ambassadors:

Christine GerbodeChristine Gerbode, Between the Lines, Masters of Environmental Management ’19 – EEP

In Between the Lines, Christine seeks to tell human stories at the intersection of environmental science, policy, and economics.


hamilton_010Jill Hamilton, Submerged, Masters of Environmental Management ’18 – CEM

In Submerged, Jill explores topics related to coral reef resilience, small-scale fisheries and the intersection of science and policy, and contributes to research at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.


Rick HerronRick Herron, Of Looking Glasses and Overton Windows, Masters of Environmental Management/Juris Doctor ’21 – BE

In Of Looking Glasses and Overton Windows, Rick hopes to reflect on and wrestle with the latest research on and real-world developments in climate and energy  policy, politics, and communications, as well as personal and ethical questions about what it means to be a young person coming of age in the Anthropocene era.


Sarah LoftusSarah Loftus, Fuel for ThoughtPhD – ENV program, Year 5

In Fuel for Thought, Sarah muses on the fields of sustainability and energy from environmental, scientific, and engineering perspectives, and shares her experiences as a graduate student in the Nicholas School.


Alex RudeeAlex Rudee, Silver Buckshot, Masters of Environmental Management ’18 – EEP

In Silver Buckshot, Alex hopes to apply his schoolwork to lessons he learned from spending six months traveling solo through eight countries on three continents.


Soli Shin* Soli Shin, Energy Valley, Masters of Environmental Management ’18 – EE

In Energy Valley, Soli explores issues of significance to the energy and environment and the broader world.


Micaela UndaMicaela Unda, No Roaming Charges, A.B. Environmental Sciences and Policy ’18

In No Roaming Charges, Micaela delves into all things environmentally-minded travel, from around the world to various Durham adventures. She further explores the documentation of the environment through photography, art, and film.


*Duke Environment Ambassadors Leader

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